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Why Choose Us
  • INNOVATION – Leads to productivity! Through our wide range of distribution, we constantly look for creative and innovative ways to give our customers the edge in their speciality retail niche.
  • LOYALTY – Our customer comes first! Our staffs are relationship-driven and customer-oriented. All the employees treat our customers like family & friends and are in a loyal part of their management team.
  • COMMITMENT – Decide; Commit; Succeed! It takes teamwork and solid commitment to good communication, excellence and industry best practice to serve a company in an excellent manner. If we cannot succeed in an excellent manner – we simply don’t pursue the opportunity.
  • INCENTIVES – Every penny counts! Increase your revenue and profitability growth through our astutely designed commission plans.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – Give more than expected! We always strive hard to provide the best quality service to our customers by responding in a timely manner and never forget to deliver the promises. We step into the customer’s shoes to understand their needs and provide best solutions to keep them happy. Customer satisfaction is paramount to Comco from the start to finish with exceptional service.